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Published Technical Papers

B. Acikmese, D. P. Scharf, E. Murray, and F. Y. Hadaegh, "A convex guidance algorithm for formation reconfiguration," AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference and Exhibit, August 2006.
B. Acikmese, D. P. Scharf, J. M. Carson, and F. Y. Hadaegh, "Distributed estimation for spacecraft formations over time-varying sensor topologies," 17th IFAC World Conference, Korea, 2008.
B. Acikmese and M. Corless, "Stability analysis with quadratic Lyapunov functions: Some necessary and sufficient multiplier conditions", System and Control Letters, Vol. 57, Issue 1, pp. 78-94, 2008.
B. Acikmese and S. Motaghedi, "6-DOF actuation allocation algorithm," NTR-42301, May 2005.
B. Acikmese, S. Motagethi, and J. M. Carson, "G-OPT - A flight software implementation of a primal-dual interior point algorithm for real-time convex optimization," NTR-44352, September 2006.
S. Motaghethi, B. Acikmese, and J. M. Carson, "A G-OPT primal-dual interior point algorithm upgrade with sparse matrix methods to improve computation speed," NTR-44459, October 2006.

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