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Dr. Fred Hadaegh Dr. Fred Y. Hadaegh
Senior Research Scientist
Manager, Distributed Spacecraft Technology Program (719)
NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory 198-326
California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA 91109
Tel: (818) 354-8777
FAX: (818) 393-0342

Program Goal

Develop critical technologies (architectures, methodologies, hardware and software components) for precision control of collaborative distributed spacecraft systems, enabling a new class of mission architecture with the potential of achieving unprecedented science performance.

Technical Objectives

  • Develop a system of methods, architectures, algorithms and software for autonomous precision control (mm-cm, arcsec-arcmin) of constellations, fleets and formation flying spacecraft.
    • Formation guidance algorithms for robust/efficient formation initialization.
    • Demonstrate integrated FF guidance & control algorithms in an end-to-end visual  demonstration of formation maneuvers, in a distributed simulation environment
  • Develop a high precision metrology system with nanometer resolution and multi-kilometer ambiguity range.
    • A high-precision, high-dynamic range, flight-qualifiable interferometric absolute metrology gauge using Modulation Sideband Technology for Absolute Ranging (MSTAR) that will bridge the gap between the existing fine and coarseregions  and therefore enable ranging accuracy 4 orders of magnitude better than the current state-of-the-art
  • Develop architectures, algorithms and software for high-fidelity and real-time simulation of formation flying missions (HYDRA).  Infuse into missions for development and testing of flight control algorithms, flight software, and mission concepts.
    • Demonstrate hierarchical, multi-timescale simulation in a distributed environment.  Infuse HYDRA technology into TPF/FAST testbed.
    • Demonstrate time-warp capability for extended mission segment analysis.  Demonstrate real-time capability.

Various distributed spacecraft technologies


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